More Sneak Peeks from TCP!

Its Sneaky Peek #7 for The Cat’s Pajamas stamps and here is an easy scene card I created using the Hey Neighbor Stamp set! This little donkey is my favorite animal in this set but trust me, the others are pretty dang cute, too!

How cute is this little guy??? Not only is he cute but he was a lot of fun to color! I had quite the pile of Copic markers out for this one…about every color of the rainbow!

A scene card like this is really easy to create. My basic process it this….

1. Stamp the image on Copic safe paper with Copic safe ink. There are many copic safe products on the market and most can be found doing a quick Google search.

2. Sketch out the scene with light colors. If I am making green hills, I use G00. If I am making a water scene, I use B00. Any light color in the color family you are planning on using will work.

3. Start to darken and shade the scene. I usually keep the foreground darker and the background lighter. This is a rule of thumb which seems to work well! For transitions…to created depth, I add small dot details. This is a nice little detail and adds a little texture. I like to add a puffy cloud sky using Distress inks and a cloud stencil!

4. Color your image! I save this for last because sometimes I get a little carried away with my scene. I dont want to put the time into coloring an image of I am not happy with the background. Honestly tho, even if I am not 100% happy with the background, I keep going! You will be surprised how well it all comes together when the coloring is finished and the sentiment is added!

Be sure to stalk…I mean, check out The Cat’s Pajamas Blog for MORE peeks of this stamp set and all the other goodies for the month of May! You will love it!

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8 thoughts on “More Sneak Peeks from TCP!

  1. So cute.I’m patiently waiting for the farmer’s markets to have delicious produce like this adorable farmer has in his baskets.😁


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