…it’s been a hot minute since I posted to my blog! Uggg….life! Why, oh why does it have to get in the way of crafting?? Lol! Kidding! Life is great! 

Here is my last few weeks in pictures…

I want to make about 20 more! Lit by a battery operated tea light!

My most recent obsession…Waffle Flower Big Bear and Bird stamps! Omgosh! These images are way too cute!

And this one too!

The latest addition to my kitchen! Coloring page inside this super cool frame hubby made from pallet wood! 

This little cutie came in first in the 2 mile at her second track meet ever! So proud! She beat her own best time for 45 seconds. Trust me!  That’s amazing!

My oldest started his first job! He is now officially paying into the social security system! (Money he probably will only see after he is 80!) Yeah…try explaining that to a 17 year old! His new non slip shoes are nice! Haha! Not the Jordans he is use too. 

Oh…and he is going to prom. He is a serious fisherman so this was a perfect and creative invitation! And yes, his room is a disaster! 

…and it snowed…beautiful but I’m over it.

Have I mentioned my obsession with Waffle Flower! I have typed this company’s name so many times recently that and soon as I hit ‘W’ it comes up in auto correct!

I am also getting over a very bad creative slump. The last week it’s been getting better and I am so glad! It’s therapy to me! I must make something everyday!

More projects and cards very soon!


Rebekah ❤


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