Lotsa Lips!


As I started making Valentine’s Day cards this year I was on a mission to make nothing but non Valentine’s Day looking cards. I wanted loveish (is that a word?) looking cards but I wanted something I could use year round and that didn’t look too mushy!

But as I made a few with the above description, I found that I did want a few that looked more traditional. I found, however, I do not have a lot of traditional looking supplies. So I had to get creative and this is what I came up with!

I needed lips! Lots and lots of lips! And guess what I didn’t have? Yep…no lips…no lip stamps that is!  So I came up with a way to turn the heart stamps included with the I’m Owl Yours stamp set by My Favorite Things into lips!

I also used the stamp sets Love is in the Mail set. How I went about this is all in
I also included in the VIDEO instructions on how I selectively stamped the owl and heart stamps to create this card!

How funny is this?? I just love it! And to make it even more funny I put this little smooching owl on an action wobble!


Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I so appreciate each and every one of you!

Hugs, Rebekah

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