‘WOOD’ You Be Mine?

I have been making Valentines cards like a crazy lady lately!  Seriously,  I think I have about 15 made but I think I still need a few more. I obviously only have one hubby but I have five kids, two of which have a boyfriend/girlfriend and they all have a few close friends to give cards to. And I could give my kidos more then one card, right? So, I’ll continue with my Valentines production…simply because it’s fun!

For this card I used Avery Elle Wood You Be Mine stamp set. I decided to really emphasize the play on the word ‘wood’ and cover a good bit of the card front with the log stamp in the set! I think it’s a point well driven! And it was so much easier then it looks to mask and layered all those logs….or pencils without erasers and my hubby called them! Haha! 

I also used copic markers, dies My Favorite Things Blueprints 25 and Rectangle Frames Dies and the small heart dies from Blueprints 11.

Here is the video on the process of making this card. It was actually a lot easier then it looks and a lot easier then I thought it WOOD be! Haha!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Let me know in the comments how many Valentines day cards you have made or plan to make!

One thought on “‘WOOD’ You Be Mine?

  1. ACK! Cuteness overload! A fabulous Valentine’s card that anyone *wood* love to receive! Your video: sheer delight in being engaging and informative! Carry on with the Valentine themed cards; you make our hearts smile when we see them!


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