4 days and counting!

Yep, that’s it. Four days till Christmas Eve. Four days to finish last minute shopping and wrapping. Four days to plan food for 15 people and shop for said food. Four days to get my house decorated and clean!

Yep…I have hardly decorated yet! Oh, I have had big plans since September of how I was going to have the inside and outside of my house decorated the day after Thanksgiving so we could enjoy it for as long as possible.  And now I am down the 4 days and there are still things I want to do! 

Seriously, it’s almost impossible to get it all done! I need to learn to except that. 

But I did get another card done today! My kids are hitting my Christmas card stash to give to their friends and I am so happy for them to do so! 

For this card I colored! Hardly any design planning went into it. I was in the mood to color and design was not coming easy to me for some reason so I just slapped a My Favorite Things frame around this panel,  added a sentiment and a little glitter pen and called it a day! All products are from MFT and colored with Copic markers. 


I was ‘spotted’ by Susan Opal for the MFT Card Challenge Blog!  I am beyond excited! And it is one of my favorite Chritmas cards I made this year! Be sure to check it out! Card Challenge Blog . It’s the one with the blue trees and santa!


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