Coloring…a lot!

My craft area is in a step in closet in mine and hubby’s bedroom so if I feel like working at night I have to be quiet and that usually means coloring. After a few nights I find myself with a lot of colored images and no cards. What to do with so many images? Combine them on one card! One really long card!

This  card measures  3.75 by 9 and  has images from a number of different My Favorite Things stamp sets. Some are colored with Copic markers and some with colored pencils and I think they look adorable together!

A few things to think of when you make a card with images that weren’t intended to go together….

Keep you numbers odd. Things seem to look better with odd numbers rather then even. 

Keep the background simple. This gives the eye a place to rest. A busy background will be distracting from what you want to be the focus . 

Use at least three different sets. This  way there is a lot of variety and different becomes a theme rather then a sore thumb.

Stick to a common thread. My thread was animals. Your could use flowers, cars, trees, geometric shapes…..whatever you want. Just make sure all the images have something in common.

Also,  repeat colors .  Notice I have hedgehogs near the end of the card both colored in earth tones. I also added the gray crow to balance on the gray raccoon .  

All that said, remember it will be your own work you are creating. An expression of YOU. If you like it then it’s the perfect card!

Thanks for taking time to look closers at my card and for visiting my blog!


Rebekah 😘

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