MFT Camp Create Dry Embossing 

It’s been quite a while since I dry embossed.  Seems I thought it was more complicated then it really is. 

For Cuttlebug users like me, here is the order. 

  1. A plate
  2. B plate 
  3. Embossing pad 
  4. Paper 
  5. Die 
  6. Another B plate 

For this card I really wanted to keep it simple and let the dry embossing and the sweet little frog be the focus.  I used only white cardstock and a few background stamps heat embossed to add some interest.  Had to add a few sequence and dot using gell pens as well…I had too! Lol!

I wanted to have the from ‘swim’ along the water so I made him into a slider using the MFT slider dies and discs.

Thanks for checking out my card!


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